Value Meets Performance


1 mil pts/sec

Ultra-high speed


40 m




The fast-paced Leica ScanStation P16 scans at a rate of a
million points per second and delivers the highest quality
possible in 3D data for ranges of up to 40 meters.

Best in class angular measurements, tilt compensation, and the ability to record data in the most challenging environmental conditions make the Leica ScanStation P16 perfect for quick and accurate as-built surveys of any plant.

Easy to Use

Simple one-touch operation for scan-and-go efficiency

Rugged Design

Be worry-free in extreme environmental conditions (hot, cold, rain, and dust)

Data Accuracy

Amazingly accurate 3D point clouds produce a true representation of reality

Blazing Speeds

Unheard-of aquisition times


True, life-like colors ensure best-in-class deliverables