It’s a Walk in the Park

The perfect tool for the complex nature of many plant layouts. The Pegasus:Backpack is the wearable scanner that can do it all and give you the results you need.

A highly ergonomic design that combines five cameras offering fully calibrated 360 degrees view and two LiDAR profilers with an ultra-light carbon fibre chassis. Collect data indoors, outdoors, and underground with this portable device.

5 Cameras

Capture everything with 5 on board cameras to scan your surroundings

Continuous Power

Four batteries in hot-swappable configuration lasting up to 6 hours

Durable Materials

Carbon fiber frame and high resistance industrial textile makes up the sturdy backpack


Get into all the nooks and crannies with this ergonomically designed backpack


The first scanner to keep up with you. Take a walk and unobtrusively scan your surroundings at the same time

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