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Explore the benefits of 3D laser scanning, learn how to get a solid return on your laser scanning investment, and go behind the scenes on 3D plant documentation success stories in our carefully curated library of webinars, white papers and articles.

3D Laser Scanning for Manufacturing Facilities: Developing the Business Case

Learn how an experienced automotive industry consultant evaluated the options for capturing real-world as-built conditions and how he made the business…

Using Reality Capture for Fast-Turnaround Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Retrofits

Retrofitting water and wastewater treatment facilities is challenging work. As-built drawings for aging facilities are often missing or inaccurate, and documenting…

How to Document Your Plant in Days Instead of Weeks

Find out how Sean Finn of F3 and Ryan Hacker of TruePoint Laser Scanning reduced risk and downtime during walk downs and plant documentation.

Laser Scanning Team Tackles Refinery's Demanding Documentation Deadline

The lead engineer at a large refinery in California, part of one of the world’s biggest oil corporations, faced the challenge of upgrading a fluid catalytic…

Scanning Creatively: Combining Methods to Create High Value Deliverables

When it comes to challenging scanning projects, innovation can be the difference-maker in providing the right solution for your clients. F3 & Associates, a…

Improve Plant Design & Maintenance with These Easy Tips

Pipeline modeling and plant design are often complex projects with little room for error. Documentation must have a high level of accuracy for proper project management…

How to Improve Plant Maintenance with 3D Laser Scanning

If you’re relying on 2D paper drawings or incomplete 3D models for your plant engineering and maintenance work, you’re missing out on key benefits that can save…

3D Laser Scanning Helps Avert Clashes in a Power Plant's New Installation

When it comes to challenging scanning projects, innovation can be the difference-maker in providing the right solution for your clients. F3 & Associates, a…

Laser Scanning Slashes Natural Gas Compressor Station Installation by 50%

When a compressor station owner in the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation was tasked with starting up a three-engine temporary station in just three weeks, the…

A Sweet Success in Plant Documentation for Michigan Sugar Company

With the capacity to slice 22,000 tons of beets a day and produce over one billion pounds of sugar annually, the Michigan Sugar Co. is the third largest sugar producer…

A Race Against Time

As plant managers strive to minimize downtime, every laser scanning job is a race against time. After all, time is money. Lost production can cost $100,000…

Fast and Accurate 3D Piping Design

When plant engineers at a major midstream natural gas pipeline and processing company needed to install new piping and vessels in their facility, they asked I3…

Laser Scanning Provides Fast, Safe and Accurate As-Built Documentation for Natural Gas Plant Expansion

The Hess Tioga natural gas processing plant (TGP) in northwestern North Dakota recently underwent an expansion to equip the facility to meet demand for…

Precise Piping Design in the Deep

In the Gulf of Mexico, hundreds of production platforms and drilling rigs produce hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and gas equivalent. Deepwater platforms are…

High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Accelerate Design of New Dewatering Facility

As the Greenway Pollution Control Plant’s dewatering facility neared the end of its life, Geordie Gauld, division manager of wastewater treatment operations for…

Petrochemical Plants: A Booming Business for 3D Laser Scanning

Founded in 2004, F3 & Associates of Benicia, California, is a land surveying company specializing in industrial layout applications. In 2010, F3 acquired its first scanner…

Laser Scanning Saves Millions in Offshore Oil Platform Upgrades

When Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, it took more than 1,200 lives and did billions of dollars in property damage. Winds of 175 miles per…

New Gauging Method Drives Down Risk in Tank Analysis and Maintenance

Explore how 3D laser scanning is taking tank gauging high-tech and enabling a giant leap forward in safety, speed and accuracy.

How Element6 Delivers the Future of Plant Engineering with Laser Scanning

A combination of expertise and the right digital documentation technology provides clients with significant advantages in plant engineering projects.

3 Reasons to Rethink Your Tank Gauging Method

If you’re still using traditional tank gauging, you may be putting your organization at risk. Read why 3D digital tank analysis is the best approach.

New Laser Scanning Technology Accelerates Adoption of Digital Tank Maintenance

The new Leica RTC360 scans at 2 million points per second and automates the registration process, providing a fast, easy approach to 3D laser scanning.

Why You Should Get Scanning in Tank Maintenance

As the tank industry continues to push for advances in personnel safety and inventory accuracy, laser scanning plays an increasingly important role.

Improving Asset Value Through Laser Scanning

Learn new and existing workflows with Cloudworx, and see how these updates can benefit your business.

Your Tank at Your Fingertips

Want to minimize risk, improve tank calibration and streamline maintenance? Read why high-accuracy 3D laser scanning is the key to achieving these goals.

Laser Scanning Shortens Timeline on Automotive Plant Expansion

Accurate reality capture helps Darling Geomatics streamline as-built and construction verification for a 1.5-million-sq-ft Mercedes-Benz facility expansion.

How Reality Capture Makes Manufacturing Smarter

Using 3D laser scanning to create a digital twin improves plant safety and efficiency, promotes better design and engineering, and provides greater intelligence.