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Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView — Quickly analyze point cloud data and create high-impact 3D deliverables. Our software suite allows you to capture, visualize, extract, analyze and share point-cloud data globally via the web as well as integrate with your CAD applications.

Leica Cyclone Software:
Simplify Your Point Cloud Workflow

With Leica Cyclone software, you can easily work with rich point cloud data while spending less time in the office.

Fast scan data imports, rapid data processing, and advanced automation, connectivity, sharing and customization capabilities make Leica Cyclone software the most powerful point cloud processing software in the industry.


Easily manage scan parameters, scan target acquisition, field QA, digital imaging, georeferencing and more, then view and navigate point clouds and 3D models while handling measurement and markup/redlining tasks.


Quickly and accurately align point clouds captured from different scanning positions. Use HDS targets for georeferencing, or align overlapping areas of point clouds without the use of targets for substantial time and cost savings.


Use the industry’s largest, most complete and automated set of tools to accurately model 3D point clouds as CAD geometry or as meshes. Use point clouds directly or process them into objects for easy exporting and importing.


Easily extract feature and coordinate information from the point cloud data. Powerful tools support complex topographic models, with intelligent mesh decimation that minimizes file size while retaining accurate geometry.


Leverage the powerful capabilities of Leica Geosystems software solutions even if you’re using another manufacturer’s laser scanner. Cyclone-IMPORTER is compatible with native point cloud formats from FARO, Riegl and Optech.


Empower team members to collaborate by providing access for up to 10 ‘client’ users to the same data server in a network environment. to 3D point cloud datasets and/or models simultaneously.

Cyclone TruView-PUBLISHER

Publish point cloud data for sharing on the web, allowing access from anywhere in the world. Then use the FREE Leica TruView panoramic point cloud viewer to view, zoom in, or pan over point clouds naturally and intuitively.


Speed, scale and simplicity are at the heart of Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360. Whether you are part of the plant operators team or a contractor, you need complete and accurate data to make informed decisions and keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Cyclone 3DR

With industry-focused guided workflows, Cyclone 3DR combines fast and powerful point cloud management with automated point cloud analysis and modeling for a streamlined approach to cleaning, modeling, meshing, extraction, inspection, and reporting.