Fast & Intuitive
Software Solutions

Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView — Quickly analyze point cloud data and create high-impact 3D deliverables. Our software suite allows you to capture, visualize, extract, analyze and share point-cloud data globally via the web as well as integrate with your CAD applications.

Leica TruView Software:
Visualize the Possibilities

With free Leica TruView software, you can remotely access, review and annotate the laser scan dataset, providing a critical tool for project collaboration and asset management.

Using Leica TruView is intuitive – no skills in laser scanning, CAD or 3D are needed. TruView provides panoramic images of point clouds on your computer as if you were standing onsite.

Simple to View & Measure via Web or via Local Files

Point cloud data, 3D models and predefined hyperlinks are available in a format analogous to Adobe PDFs. Leica TruView enables the same free, easy viewing and measuring via the web or from files stored on your PC, an internal network or from a CD or DVD.

Data Integration

Utilizing the geotagging methods in Cyclone MODEL, you can define specific items of interest, such as a valves, and add annotation attributes to the tag. During the publishing process, Cyclone PUBLISHER automatically creates these geotags as hyperlinked annotations in every appropriate TruView.

Easy Measuring, Markups and Hyperlinks

Click on a pixel in the image and extract real 3D coordinates, or click on two pixels and extract distances. Results appear right on the point cloud image. Markups and hyperlinks are also easy to create, save and share with peers, service providers or clients for more effective communications.

Versatile Publishing

Easily post TruView data files online for immediate access anywhere in the world, or pack up the files and distribute them directly as a file set on a CD, DVD, etc. Point cloud data from Leica HDS scanners or any scanner with ASCII-based output can be published for use with Leica TruView.

Added Features

In addition to simple viewing, measurement and markup, you can also control units of measure; extract coordinates; use call-out “leaders”, text, rectangles and circles for markups; save specific views and markups with an associated camera view; and create simple “site maps” with easy-to-find scanner locations for point cloud viewing.

Download TruView now, or contact us for a consultation on how to improve your project collaboration with TruView.