Why Choose Leica Geosystems?

Leica Geosystems is the standard in 3D plant scanning.
Beginning more than two decades ago with the trusted Cyrax brand of laser scanners, we have continued to raise the bar on speed, quality and reliability.

Our high-performance dedicated laser scanners provide industry-leading millimeter accuracy for the highest level of confidence, while our innovative integrated scanners provide the utmost versatility. Add this to powerful software, experienced support and efficient workflows, and you have a complete solution that increases safety, facilitates quick project turnarounds, saves money and substantially reduces the likelihood of errors.

Fast and Easy As-Built Data Capture

Collect Data Almost Any Time

While the use of other laser scanners may be limited by temperature and humidity, Leica HDS laser scanners and multistations operate effectively in a wide range of conditions.

Process Data Quickly & Easily

Maximize your efficiency by using Leica’s fast and intuitive software to align point clouds captured from different scanning positions quickly and easily, whether you’re using dedicated or integrated scanning.

Share Information Globally

You can publish point cloud data for web-based sharing anywhere in the world using the FREE Leica TruView panoramic point cloud viewer.

Rely on Our Experienced Team

From on-site and factory-based classroom and field training to a global network of experienced support specialists, no organization can help you succeed in 3D laser scanning better than Leica Geosystems.

Meet Your Industrial Plant Team

Joel Hurt, Jr.

Industrial Plant Solutions
Vice President

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Angel Dotts

Industrial Plant Solutions Support
North America

Greg Schneider

Industrial Plant Solutions Specialist
Northern Region

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Joey Lafranca

Industrial Plant Solutions Specialist
Plant South West

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Bruce Bowditch

Industrial Plant Solutions Specialist
Plant Central

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Wyatt Lee

Industrial Plant Solutions Specialist
Plant Atlantic

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