Efficient 3D Laser Scanning Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Whether you're producing toys, smartphones or aerospace components, keeping your plant operating at peak efficiency is your top priority. Leica Geosystems can help.

Our industry-leading dedicated and integrated 3D laser scanning solutions, combined with responsive and knowledgeable support, can enable you to safely, quickly and easily document your plant for faster turnarounds and improved uptime.


& Retrofits

Every minute a plant is shut down for maintenance and retrofits costs money.


The introduction of any new equipment must fit precisely and work seamlessly with other systems.


Despite the increased frequency of retooling, safety and quality standards cannot be compromised.


To minimize production schedule delays and keep production lines running smoothly, engineers and designers must have easy access to accurate as-is line and facility data.

Leica Geosystems’ 3D laser scanning hardware and software are the trusted solutions for capturing detailed, precise digital data (point clouds) for efficient discrete plant maintenance and retooling. Leica laser scanners enable facilities to be documented safely, quickly, cost-effectively and accurately while substantially reducing downtime.


Virtually bring the production line to your desktop to visualize and optimize new designs before fabrication and installation


Quickly and easily incorporate changes into the line while minimizing safety risks and shutdown time


Capture accurate and comprehensive data with highly efficient workflows that lead to better production line designs

Leica 3D Laser Scanning Solutions
Make Accurate Documentation Simple

Leica Geosystems’ 3D laser scanners are the industry standard for accurately and efficiently recording digital data (point clouds) of plants and facilities. It’s an easy, quick way to gather precise as-is information safely and cost effectively.

Intuitive Software Makes Point Cloud
Processing Fast and Easy

Using Leica’s High Definition Scanning (HDS) software suite – Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView – you can stitch individual point clouds together to create a complete picture, virtually visit a facility or structure, sort throught the data, evaluate it and use it to communicate globally.

Seamless Integration With Information Management
Software Maximizes Productivity

From innovative solutions in the Leica software suite to seamless integration with popular third-party software, we make it easy to manage complex datasets for more informed decision-making.

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