Food & Beverage

Sustainable, reliable food and beverage production requires agile, automated processing plants—a goal that can only be achieved by starting with laser scanning.

Common Challenges


Turnaround for repair can severely impact not just the production line, but also can incur huge losses when perishables are involved.

Complex Structure

Congested plant environments can be complicated, and keeping track of them can drastically slow down any maintenance or repair procedures, leaving all stakeholders with a huge pile of paperwork.

Regulatory Compliance

Increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations require plants to quickly retrofit to remain compliant.

Benefits of Laser Scanning Reality Capture


Our 3D laser scanning solutions give you immediate and actionable data, lowering the cost and time to repair and maintain facilities and equipment.

& Collaboration

With access to comprehensive, accurate digital as-built data, all stakeholders are empowered to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes and maximize productivity.


Laser scanning is a safe, noncontact way to obtain as-built documentation without affecting production. And the comprehensive digital data can help you optimize worker safety in the plant environment.

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Videos Show the Power of Laser Scanning for Manufacturing Agility

Laser scanning is a fast, safe and powerful way to capture complete, accurate as-built data in manufacturing plants. These videos provide a glimpse of the benefits.

In Food Processing and Other Plants, the Data is in the Details

Laser scanning offers an easy and affordable way to meet documentation requirements in food and beverage processing without slowing down production.

This Technology Provides the Essential Ingredient for Food Processing Sustainability

Sustainable, reliable food production requires agile, automated processing plants—a goal that can only be achieved by starting with laser scanning.

Creating Your Digital Twin

Achieve near-zero rework by documenting everything in sight to avoid errors and additional site visits.

Laser Scanning Solutions

Whether your data capture priorities are distance, speed, accuracy, flexibility, ease of use, autonomous operation, or all of the above, Leica Geosystems provides industry-leading solutions that simplify your digital transformation.

Software Solutions

The security, accessibility and usability of your laser scanning reality capture data is crucial to maximizing operational efficiency and obtaining the best return on your investment. Leica Geosystems software leads the industry for transforming vast amounts of digital data into intuitive yet powerful information assets.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are compatible with the most popular third-party software, making it easy to integrate reality capture into your existing workflows.

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