Production, Retrofits and Maintenance

The design and maintenance of equipment for the offshore oil industry is fraught with logistical and safety complications.

Drilling and production platforms are some of the most extreme plant environments in the world. Working in isolation in all types of weather conditions, on slippery decks and in tight spaces is not for the faint of heart. You only have a small window of opportunity to capture the data you need, and return trips aren’t an option.



Tightly restricted access means you only have a limited amount of time to work on deck. Efficiency is crucial.

Remote Location

Working in the middle of the ocean leaves no margin for error. You have to get it right the first time, and do it safely.


The salt air and humidity approaching 100% is brutal on instruments. Ruggedness and reliability are paramount.

Rising to the Challenge

Leica Geosystems' 3D laser scanning solutions are efficient and reliable, enabling you to capture offshore data safely, quickly and accurately.

With a high resistance to salt air, no humidity limits and no need to shut down due to inclement weather, Leica 3D laser scanners are ideal for offshore environments. Intuitive software makes it fast and easy to create high-value deliverables and rich 3D visualizations.


Easily check for clashes and interference when designing and retrofitting in congested areas


Quickly and accurately design new components for an existing vessel in context with reality

Plan for Repairs

Safely document damage to rigs and structures following hurricanes or accidents

Capture As-Is Conditions

Safely, quickly, accurately and efficiently document the existing structure to provide a current 3D record

Reduce Errors

Reduce design errors and requirements for modifications

Leica 3D Laser Scanning Solutions
Make Accurate Documentation Simple

Leica Geosystems’ 3D laser scanners are the industry standard for accurately and efficiently recording digital data (point clouds) of plants and facilities. It’s an easy, quick way to gather precise as-is information safely and cost effectively.

Intuitive Software Makes Point Cloud
Processing Fast and Easy

Using Leica’s High Definition Scanning (HDS) software suite – Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView – you can stitch individual point clouds together to create a complete picture, virtually visit a facility or structure, sort throught the data, evaluate it and use it to communicate globally.

Seamless Integration With Information Management
Software Maximizes Productivity

From innovative solutions in the Leica software suite to seamless integration with popular third-party software, we make it easy to manage complex datasets for more informed decision-making.

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