Access and Manage Your Plant Remotely. Anytime, Anywhere.

Get instant access to every detail of your plant with digital remote management. Combining Leica Geosystems industry-standard 3D laser scanning solutions with software and cloud-based sharing tools gives you unprecedented control over your facilities from any location so you can maximize safety, efficiency and agility.

360-Degree Plant Access

View accurate as-is data and imagery on every area of your plant.  Leica TruView is a cloud-based tool for remote work that allows you to view and share a complete digital twin of your facility.  Move from scan location to scan location and view each scan setup in 360 degrees, including detailed point cloudsimagery and plant records, by virtually accessing the data in a browser.  Upload your point cloud data to TruView and share it with anyone in the world through secure and private data sharing.  Its a simple way to provide remote access to your plant for project planning, training or preventive maintenance with no software installation required.  

TruView gives you 360 degree digital plant access.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Geotags in TruView allow for easy project collaboration.

TruView  is  the easiest way to share point cloud data captured with laser scanning. When you use  TruView  to upload your laser scanned projects to the cloud,  anyone from plant engineers and managers to project stakeholders and team members  can view and access your project data in a browser  via a shared link for live collaboration. TruView offers:  

  • Virtual, photo-realistic visits to plant sites from anywhere, anytime.  
  • Users can view, pan, zoom, measure and  markup.  
  • No plug-in required, accessible from any browser on any device.  
  • Public or private sharing with complete control over access.  

Real-Time Data Sharing

Share and collaborate on as-built data in real time while the scanner is still in the field or facility. With Cyclone FIELD 360, you can automatically preregister your point cloud data, quickly conduct onsite quality control checks, and easily share the scan data, images and geotags directly from your mobile device to TruView Cloud, empowering key stakeholders to make quick design decisions.

The Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile device app lets you share scan data, images and geotags directly to TruView Cloud for instant access by key stakeholders

Experience the Power of Digital Remote Management

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Virtual Plant Walkthroughs

Share 3D point cloud  visualizations using the powerful desktop application JetStream Viewer.  Anyone using JetStream Viewer can move freely through the digital twin point cloud  of your real-world facilities in 3D. Take measurements  and view panoramic imagery directly from the data. A portable version of the viewer can be packaged on a thumb drive along with JetStream native files to provide access to clients, vendors and other stakeholders. 

  • Move freely through point clouds in 3D for a virtual validation walkdown. 
  • Take screen recordings of point cloud flythroughs.  
  • Create visual presentations directly from point cloud data.  
  • Use .LGS files to quickly deliver smooth visualizations of specific areas of the plant.  

Start Collaborating

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