Maintenance, Retrofits and New Installations

Refineries, operating in a highly competitive market, are under constant pressure to optimize processes and reduce costs, all while staying in compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations.

Frequent maintenance, upgrades, retrofits and new installations are common. However, a gridlock of pipes and steel support structures makes these operations difficult.



Turnaround for repair or maintenance can be an issue when thousands of barrels of oil are waiting to be processed.


Congested pipe runs create a complicated network that leaves little room for error when designing and installing new equipment.


Increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations require plants to quickly retrofit to remain compliant.

Capture Data Safely, Easily and Precisely

Reducing downtime and implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives requires a clear understanding of the as-is structure. Leica Geosystems laser scanning solutions enable you to safely, accurately and efficiently determine whether planned changes will interfere with existing structures.

Using traditional tools such as clipboards, tape measures and 2D layouts to document refineries leads to errors and missed information. It’s also time consuming and hazardous to personnel. With Leica 3D laser scanning solutions, you can quickly and accurately capture rich digital data (point clouds) of a facility while reducing risks and costs.

Achieve Near-Zero Rework

Easily document everything in sight and avoid additional site visits to capture missed measurements

Safeguard Personnel

Accurately document as-is conditions without posing risks to personnel on the site

Reduce Shutdown Time

Efficiently and accurately document the refinery’s maze of structures and pipe supports so the facility can get back up and running quickly

Leica 3D Laser Scanning Solutions
Make Accurate Documentation Simple

Leica Geosystems’ 3D laser scanners are the industry standard for accurately and efficiently recording digital data (point clouds) of plants and facilities. It’s an easy, quick way to gather precise as-is information safely and cost effectively.

Intuitive Software Makes Point Cloud
Processing Fast and Easy

Using Leica’s High Definition Scanning (HDS) software suite – Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView – you can stitch individual point clouds together to create a complete picture, virtually visit a facility or structure, sort throught the data, evaluate it and use it to communicate globally.

Seamless Integration With Information Management
Software Maximizes Productivity

From innovative solutions in the Leica software suite to seamless integration with popular third-party software, we make it easy to manage complex datasets for more informed decision-making.

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