Ebook: 3D Laser Scanning for Manufacturing Facilities





In this white paper, learn how an experienced automotive industry consultant evaluated the options for capturing real-world as-built conditions and how he made the business case to establish 3D laser scanning as a standard across 28 automotive assembly plants in North America and eventually around the world.

In the past decade, laser scanning has quickly and broadly gained acceptance in the industrial and manufacturing fields, particularly in the automotive industry, because of its ability to rapidly and accurately collect field data, minimize plant risk and maximize worker safety.

For these and other reasons, developing a business case for 3D laser scanning is easier than you might think. With 3D laser scanning,  you can:

>> Reduce Rework
Using 3D laser scanning to capture existing conditions in the plant makes it possible to automatically create accurate sections and elevations.

>> Cut Costs
While conventional methods require 10 engineers with overlapping responsibilities, laser scanning can be completed with just 4 people.

>> Retool With Confidence
Supplying service providers with accurate 3D as-builts yields more accurate cost estimates with greater accountability.


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